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Unit 5: Lesson 9Students Brainstorm Individual Poems

Unit 5

Words in Motion!




To develop an appreciation of and interest in the power of words to convey particular ideas, feelings, and images (word consciousness) through an exploration of free-verse poetry, dance, and prosody.


Unit Description

In this unit, students compose free-verse poems and choreograph them into Word in Motion! Dances. To prepare, students become "word explorers" as they read a series of free-verse poems. Students explore the poet's word choices and how particular words and phrases evoke images, feelings, ideas, and responses from readers. Then, they consider words and phrases that might be used in place of the poet's choices. By studying words in relationship to one another, students will come to know them more deeply. Throughout the process, students engage in movement and prosody to deepen their understandings. In the next part of the unit, students brainstorm and compose their own free-verse poems and choreograph them into dances. As a culminating event, students showcase their poetry and dances for an audience and reflect on their experience.




Common Core State Standards

Arts for Learning is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Language. This Overview describes the scope of the standards and this Quick Reference Guide provides each of the standards fully or partially met within this A4L Unit, followed by the charts that specifically identify the standards addressed in each lesson and step in the Unit. The standards are also coded and listed at the beginning of each lesson in the unit. Arts for Learning also provides a comprehensive student assessment program in each unit. This A4L Assessment Toolkit Quick Reference Chart indicates an overview of the locations of the tasks to be scored in the unit.
Each A4L unit is developed on a common framework and contains a 3-part sequence of instruction that educational research suggests will help students become more self-directed, independent learners. There is a gradual hand-off of responsibility--from teacher to students-- that is supported by assessment and teacher help as needed. Throughout A4L units the arts serve as motive and means to advance reading for meaning and writing thoughtfully.






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Unit 5: Lesson 9

Students Brainstorm Individual Poems

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